Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Body of Christ

We know from Lanciano that this bread is the heart. The very heart of God is hidden within a simple disc of unleavened bread, the infinite God made small and palatable to the human tongue.

It is vulnerable and naked that Christ comes to us in the Eucharist. Within it is contained the Man who lived among us, who suffered with us and for us, who was tired, who thirsted, who wept, who bled.      

Because He has so desired this communion, He has been willing to entrust to us His heart as an object, a thing exposed before us and handled by human hands, a thing that we might gaze upon and long for, a thing that we might swallow and consume.

While many today will ponder the majesty of the Body of Christ encased and displayed in a glittering gold monstrance, admiring His simplicity and His power, I would like to recall His words to Saint Paul, “my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor. 12:9)

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  1. From one who relishes every opportunity to swim, congrats!!!
    Indeed our journey began in the gravity-reduced, water-based womb; to sort-of return is an exquisite freedom; 'by' this process, a childlike reverie of great simplicity, responds to renew the essence of our innocence.

    Thank you for sharing Sandra.

    Your journey of rebirth - the re-awakening awareness of His Absolute - is the default origin of all Creation.