When this blog was begun in April 2011, the intended purpose was to offer those who suffer the trials of Lyme disease and debilitating chronic illness a portal through which to grasp how it is possible that such suffering may elevate us to a high degree of purity, and how our lives may be lived with knowledge of their splendor and beauty, indeed of their very blessedness in and through bearing the mysteries of suffering shared by Christ Himself.
Having provided six months of writings foundational to the understanding of a Christian attitude and disposition toward bearing the hardships of suffering acute and chronic illness, in October 2011, the blog moves beyond this to include “the unfolding of a life in continued fulfillment of its purpose.” (Subtitles, October 18, 2011) That is, my life as I move into a new phase of living with Lyme disease, emerging from various conditions previously imposed by the illness, toward whatever the future will be.    

My hope remains that you who visit will find here a place of peace and consolation, inspiration and encouragement, discovering in Christ the value and meaning of your suffering, knowing that you are cherished and precious to Him, trusting that in every moment of your life, in union with Him, you are fulfilling a unique purpose unable to be accomplished by anyone else who has ever lived or will live.
Love and blessings,