Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Heights of Grace

From the writings of Saint Rose of Lima, "who gave up everything to devote herself to a life of penance," we are privy to the following words imparted to her by God.

Our Lord and Savior lifted up his voice and said with incomparable majesty: "Let all men know that grace comes after tribulation. Let them know that without the burden of afflictions it is impossible to reach the height of grace. Let them know that the gifts of grace increase as the struggles increase. This is the only true stairway to paradise, and without the cross they can find no road to climb to heaven."  

Just a reminder.


  1. Thought this is also an inspiring quote- "There is no surer way to know that one is a saint than to see him lead a holy life and yet suffer desolation, trials and tribulations." St. Louis Gonzaga

    Thanks for your inspiring blog.
    Janet, a fellow Catholic with Lyme

  2. Thanks for sharing, Janet. The wisdom of the saints is truly a touchstone of truth and always a great encouragement... especially for us who are coping day to day with the various manifestations of this disease. Blessings and peace to you...