Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Let Your Heart Listen"

“You are My beloved child.
Out of My own self I have created you.
My life is your life;
My breath is your breath;
My Spirit is your spirit.
There is nothing to fear, for I am with you,
mighty in the midst of you.

I am the life that heals you.
I am the love that lifts your heart and sets you free.
I am the wisdom of your mind.  I am the light of your path.
I am the peace of your soul.

I am with you dear child, through every hour
of the day and the night, standing with you,
upholding you, supporting you,
revealing Myself to you and through you.

I am the love that will not let you go.
I seek you out when you do not know how to reach Me.
I speak in your heart to comfort you.
I am the life of your body, and My life is perfect and eternal.
Trust Me.  I am your health.

I am with you in all the experiences of your life.
I am the power in you to understand;
I am the power in you to forgive;
I am the power in you to become.

Beloved, I am with you.
Live in Me.  Rejoice in Me.
You are My beloved child.”

(From a parish bulletin)

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